Trail Conditions


Bucky was in the grooming studio for much of the day yesterday laying down some shockingly great tracks and the faithful were out groovin’ in the grooves. The dusting from last evening will have slowed things down considerably and if you can stand the contro;l this will afford, it should be another great day of skiing. Glide will be about a 2 out of 4(slower this morning, a bit faster this afternoon), grip good with Blue extra, skins or waxless. A few areas of caution: The Walker Road enroute to Quarry road has a 150 meter section where the abundant water from Friday has overflowed onto the road creating deep frozen ruts and deep puddles making passage by sedans and sports cars hazardous. You can approach from King street but the road is very pot holed. Skiing Blue counterclockwise from the bench after the bridge approaching Smith Camp, on the second last hill, there is a large wet spot, partly frozen, partly rutted. If you go over it you will experience the thrill of sudden uncontrolled, trackless acceleration, and possible wet feet, or you can go slow and traverse it on the right Also if you head up toward Drop Off Ridge there are some icey patches, which will produce similar anal contractions upon decent. And please *AVOID* descending from the *VIEW through Carter’s Quarry*(heading straight to the cable coming up from the Birches instead of left on Cypass). There are some extended icy and a few gravel patches which even the above mentioned contractions will not rescue you from. Bucky was headed up to Beech hill this morning so things will be ready for the Rabbits who will be hopping to it from 1 to 3 p.m. today as usual, both at BHP and Reservoir Gate. See you out there,