Trail Conditions

Happy Day all you Valentines!

Bucky got the groomer fixed and did a trial run late yesterday with great results- i.e. a slower track and softer pole track. Where he didn’t groom the track was acceleratingly close to Mach 2! He plans to get out mid morning to loosen things up and things should be wonderful by noon, and given the summer weather heading our way, if you wondering how best to spend your Valentine’s Day, well the Walker Road beckons. Glide will likely be in the 2-3/4 range- slower in persistently shaded areas where the snow hasn’t transformed, faster in the open. Make sure coming down the Quarry Road you slow down before you get to Walker Road! With predicted cool temps all day, Blue Extra or Violet Special wax should work nicely, as will skins and waxless, the latter providing the slowest experience. And a special Happy Birthday to the TOC’s favorite Valentine Boy, Cy Bernard, who is approaching seniority, but not there yet. Although you may run into Cy on his skis, he is not really skiing but always on the lookout for trees to trim, his trusty folding saw in it’s scabbard, ever ready to spring into action. Have a lovely day,