Trail Conditions

It’s Sunday-Sing praises to the snow Godess

She has dropped a cm of new snow up the hill, which, if you count them, is well over the prerequisite 17 snowflakes per square centimeter required to slow glide, which this morning was a leisurely 2/4!. You still need to be cautious on the hills, especially those under the coniferous canopy which did not receive the snow blessing and are a bit icey- so if you are heading out red, consider walking down the bigger hills. Skins worked well as will waxless. Zero skis will likely stick but may work this afternoon. And as the tracks get skied out they will likely get faster. Skating was great on the SWFP yesterday and as predicted people attempting to get on the ice via the bull rushes got wet- best to go via the Birches boardwalk. White ice in middle was 14 cm thick. No data from Silver Lake yet.