Trail Conditions

More Good Skiing

Bucky did his usual exemplary grooming yesterday, creating a really great track in most places and loosening up the icy crust. The pole track will not be as pliant as it was yesterday so it may be trickier to snow plow. If we get 1-2 cm of new snow today that will make for much slower conditions-with the cold, glide could drop from around 3 to under 2. There are several holes created by warm temps and running water which we have been trying to fill in. So far Blue and lower LeRond are not groomed, but Bucky may do some of that today after he gets back from beech Hill, which will be a great place to head if you want more sedate conditions. Also the Smith’s are doing some logging and Lower Blue/Blue North will not be groomed for now. I will update from the trail in an hour or so via Cheers,