Trail Conditions

More Splendor

Conditions were brilliant yesterday after Bucky’s ministrations. Today should remain pretty nice though with cloud cover, less brilliant. Violet Special wax will work for the next few hours but after -1 degree skins or waxless will be best. With new warmish snow, sticking is possible. Expect glide around 2/4, a bit faster under the conifers where fewer flurries have hit the ground.
I have lots of old SNS bindings- we have been transitioning the Jackrabbit skis to all NNN since that is all you can buy now. So if anyone needs an extra set let me know.
Also you may notice, if you are a noticer, that there is now an emergency ski at Sugar Brook Lodge behind the door that should work for both NNN and SNS boots as I left the sole plate off. So if your binding breaks in the vicinity, or you are in the habit of going down ridiculously steep hills in the dusk and loosing a ski, you now have another option besides a one footed ski out to the Parking. There is also a baggy with some binding repair options in it hanging on a hook also behind the door. Finally a thank you to those of you who take the time to shovel off cabin decks, sweep flloors and re stock firewood. Cheers,