Trail Conditions

New Tracks

Bucky is heading out shortly with the old groomer to break up the crust on Blue and see what kind of track he can set. Hopefully the groomer will get to the shop tomorrow for repairs. Expect nice conditions again today with wax working this morning, then getting a little slippier and perhaps faster as temps warm. The flurries yesterday will produce some slowing but glide should be 2.5/4 or better so the hills will be a little zippy. If you decide to get into unbroken crust on the side you will find it very catchy and your skis, and then you will come to a quick stand still, likely not in any sort of vertical position, unless you have been overdoing the crunches and pushups. The Jackrabbits will be out as usual from 1-4 so expect lots of traffic on the roads and trails then. So be (a little) cautious, but still have fun.