Trail Conditions

Nice fluff

But be wary of the rocks below, especially descending hills when such encounters may produce sudden decelerations with unpleasant consequences to the skier above who continues at the original pace, transiently oblivious to what is happening to those skis, and just prior to the expletive Face Plant, and other more unsavory terms come streaming through your vocal cords.
Although not enough snow for grooming, there is a track around Crooked Tree Trail and another heading to the Pond, with threats of others heading to Quarry Road.
The Golf Course, the field at Beech Hill Park and other similar venues are great.
Rock skis are your best option if you have an old pair.( and no, these are not skis with especially designed grip zones to grip rocks, but ones you don’t mind getting dinged up by said obstacles).
If we get a bit of cold rain and/or flurries over the next few days, the snow should “thicken up” a bit and make for better conditions for ski bases. Cheers,