Trail Conditions

Nippy so no Zippy

For your skiing challenge today we have switched the speed for cold. With fresh, cold snow glide should be about a 2/4, and only that fast because Bucky groomed late yesterday so there will be some of the older granular snow mixed in. Not sure what trails he got to but the TOC testers who were out in force during his efforts were well pleased with the results. Green wax should work, as will skins and waxless for grip. So dress warm- yes this is the day to wear your long johns under another layer or two, your biggest mitts- no gloves today, and some contraption to carry all the layers you doff as you warm up. I’ll send out the fire lighter later this morning to kindle some warmth in the cabins. And in the woods, with all that sun and sparkling fresh snow, the cold will seem trivial. Cheers,