Trail Conditions

No Parking/When NOT to ski

Today from 12:45-3:30 there will be upwards of 80 jackrabbits being dropped off, picked up, and of course skiing(Due to Covid restrictions these are the first lessons of the year), so please pick another time to ski. Normally I would not make this request as we are able to spread out start points between Reservoir Gate, Quarry Road and Beech Hill Park, but today those other venues remain unplowed, although the parking lot at the Civic Center is completely cleared if you want to park there, and there was a plow up to the Reservoir Gate last evening as the entrances to both CTT and Ogden Brook Loop have been plugged solid with packed snow, and the plows were also busy plugging up my driveway with snow again last night. Not that I am bitter or anything, not that the plowing requests don’t go to every year, including twice this year. I guess I am too attached to equity…. You will also notice No Parking placards near the Reservoir gate parking- please respect them to allow for a turn around and safer drop off zone for the kids. Bucky groomed most of the trails yesterday. Conditions are soft so with cold temps glide will be 1 out of 4 and grip should be great. If you fall off the track into soft snow, extricating yourself can be tricky. Often it may be easier to remove your skis(or snow shoes). This too can be difficult unless you have Gordie Howe-like grip strength. Most bindings will release if you twist/rotate them, and if worse comes to worse, remove your boot(s). (This “trick” is also useful for frozen bindings- it’s hard to drive your car home with your skis still on, and no I have not tried this!). Sunset is now 1730 which is also the warmest part of the day! So enjoy the sunshine. Cheers,