Trail Conditions

No Way!

You are likely correct, but one could venture out on the Yellow and find some skiable terrain. In some areas there was still 3 cm of old crust and the ground was at least frozen and mostly dry. Sticking to wider tracks in the hardwoods you may have some OK going. As always in these borderline conditions take great care on gravel surfaces and hills, and only take skis you don’t mind getting gouged up. And wrt to skating outside, the time has not yet arrived. Although Doug was Blissfully strolling on the SWFP ice yesterday and drilled through 3-4 cm of ice, he did caution there were large open areas and what ice there was was quite creaky, so stick to the footpaths . Not sure if our usual barometer of the ice’s (marginal) safety will be at it this year. JC(Jesus Crawford, or Jesus!!!#*# Crawford) may not be permitted by the angelic Janet to do his usual walking on water magic after some misadventures on Monctonia…Glad to see him back on the skis, though that was not today. Cheers,