Trail Conditions

On Manifestation

Bucky had some thoughts of grooming today and should these inspirations become manifest, he should be out on the sled creating that legendary track shortly. And should such actualization fail to materialize it will still be a great day to be in the woods. The last snow to fall last evening was a bit crunchy so may provide a bit more glide likely closer to a 2 or 2.5 than yesterday’s sluggish 1-2. Grip should be fine with Swix Blue working nicely if you are so inclined. And for those aficionados of the run up to Drop Off Ridge, it has now been plowed and packed by the Wheatons in preparation for wood harvesting once the road “sets up”. Although they left enough snow to ski on it is hard packed and slippy and without the track, the pleasure is minimal. And if you see fresh tire tracks or hear the whine of the saw, best to stick to other venues. Cheers,