Trail Conditions

Quarry Caution

Bucky in his last grooming endeavor appears to have groomed everything. If you head out to the View as described in yesterday’s diatribe you may be tempted to take the “short cut ” through Carter’s Quarry to the Cable. This stunning descent was very fast yesterday and has a sudden downward dip half way down, followed shortly thereafter with a fairly sharp bend, which has been the ruination of many a good ski outing, as the new Dr Thomas can attest. Similar caution should be exercised coming down the Coombs Quarry hill, and although Bucky flattened Shelagh’s Shute(aka Kamakazee), this adventure is best reserved for those seeking a close encounter with New Brunswick’s shut down health care system- attention Ms Higham! Otherwise with a bit of fresh snow to slow things down and warming temps, skiing should again be wonderful, with this afternoon likely being most people’s sweet spot. Cheers,