Trail Conditions


Well, as I am wont, I popped up the hill with dreams of snowflakes dancing in my head. When I got there the groomer shed was open and some old guy with a white beard was in there waxing up the runners on some sort of ancient sleigh like contraption. He was fondly eyeing Bucky’s snow machine. I declined a trade but, because it is the season of generosity, I suggested he could test out his wax job on our trail, as long as he picked up after his deers. We were both pleasantly surprised that there was still so much snow and agreed that if we get a few centimeters of flurries blowing into Bucky’s tracks, this would give enough slowing to produce a safe glide and reasonable grip, perhaps as early as late this afternoon once things have frozen up a bit more.!. Best to go to Quarry Road (lots of bare spots on CTT) and walk in to the cable but from there the coverage looks fine. And beware of slippery ice under the flurries, especially in ski boots which are slippery at the best of times.. Cheers,