Trail Conditions

Scrape or wait/The Rim Rakers

Tempted by the possibility of the Walker Road microclimate I, of course, headed to the hills this morning. Unfortunately there is not much more snow there than in town. There was (just) enough in the big field at Beech Hill to take a few strides, but with cold soft snow on top of yesterday’s slush and unfrozen, wet ground- I can see the grimaces and hear the grinding of teeth-, after about a hundred meters the effort came to a grinding halt and the enterprise was abandonned. However, if any snow remains by tomorrow and it goes to minus 8, you could do quite pleasant loops in the field tomorrow morning! But you won’t be able to say you skiied in Sackville in October… I also include a pic of some of the local trail crew on a gravel spreading expedition at the *EDGE* of the Resrvoir Pond- The *Rim* Rakers, for your Halloween viewing pleasure