Trail Conditions

Sedation, and a Time Trial.

By now glide up the hill will be getting pretty slow and sedate. With cloud cover conditions should be pretty cosistent, kind of a “what you ski is what you get”, the stravites will mostly be home praying for cold, and you may even find yourself dozing off as you nonchalantly descend those ordinarily concerning slopes. Plans are to do some grooming tomorrow morning so things will be spruced up for the return of the Crooked Tree Time Trial. It will kick off at 1 p.m. with the various jackrabbit groups doing their lap, and starting at 2:30 the adults are welcome to join the fun- just check in near the main map sign at the start of the Crooked Tree Trail. If you get there before 5 p.m. and the organizers have gone home, you are welcome to submit a digital record of your loop. The race organizers have decided not to consider times outside this 1-5 p.m. window so that as much as possible everyone is skiing under similar grip and glide conditions. Cheers,