Trail Conditions

Ski Bulletin

Conditions are a tad better since my last missive. Coverage remains adequate in open areas. I skied from The lower Quarry up LeRond, Cypass, Yellow to Shelagh’s Shelter, back the same way then via Coombs Road, briefly over to the Wood road where there is enough snow for a track beside where an ATV made it’s mark(Bucky flat groomed Yellow and LeRond at my behest the other day. This should allow some frost to get into the ground and make the trails last well into the spring, or at least early April so these routes have less soft snow). Then back via Lower LeRond. Snow is crusty with a dusting from last night. Blue wax worked but wore off quickly. Glide is 2-3/4 but seems faster on hills as the trails are still quite bumpy. If you have waxless skis these would work well for most folk. Although skins will work they will catch on the humps and be a bit faster. I would avoid Crooked Tree Trail and anywhere else there is a lot of softwood branches overhanging as there are lots of bare spots. The quarry road has been sanded so you will have to walk up or use Quarry-Go-Round which has a lot of said softwoods but is doable if you pick your way.If the cable is still open you can drive up and park but check with the workers to see when they will lock it.