Trail Conditions

Ski Presence

After a hectic day on the trails yesterday, I expect things will be a little quieter today. Hope you all got a chance to practice your “Traaack/Peeeste”. I must admit that whilst struggling up an ascent yesterday, head down and it’s contents far, far away in la la land, a sixth sense, perhaps triggered by the chattering of waxless skis approaching, or the menacing whistle of a slipstream of aerosolized who-knows-what, I looked up to see another skier hurtling my way and, forgetting all my exhortations to call out or move, I nearly Peeste in the Traaaack!! Anyway, unfortunately for you all, it ended well and you are getting more ski spam. Expect conditions again to be pretty soft with sluggish 1/4 glide this a.m., speeding up maybe to 2/4 midday, slowing again when the snow starts and if you are out with Wade and Tammy with your headlamps this evening in the freezing rain, maybe a 3. i.e. something for everyone! I will remind you that the cabins are closed except for emergencies, but that the trails remain open. Unfortunately organized outings like Jackrabbit are forbidden, but disorganized activities like family outings with your jackrabbit gear are perfectly legal, and a great way to get out of doing that no-doubt-dreaded online learning, or what is I suspect even more onerous, the supervision of your kids trying to avoid doing said “learning”. HAppy Monday,