Trail Conditions

Ski Update

Conditions were quite lovely after Bucky groomed yesterday and the track remains in fair shape despite lots of use yesterday. It remains a bit bumpy with some exposed branches and occaisional dirt. Best skiing remains at Quarry Road- Bucky reported still gravel spots on CTT so he didn’t groom it again. Also Blue not groomed and tho navigable is sketchy. Grip will be good with Blue Extra this a.m., Violet Special this afternoon, or skins or waxless all day. Glide will be 2/4 this morning and 2.5-3/4 this afternoon with a decent snowplough lane in most areas. There were reports yestreday of some old dude on the trails dragging a shovel on the end of a rope around. Various rumors were circulating- “He’s just re-doing some of the corduroy”, “it’s for someone to pull him on when he runs out of gas” or “bury him with when he runs out of gas”, but I like the”he’s s a snow conjurer and it’s his wand”. Anyway, he seemed harmless enough and perhaps it’s just another case of “the shovel wagging the skier”. Have a nice day,