Trail Conditions

Ski Update

Despite the Paucity of white stuff in Town there is a 3-5 cm layer of very dense, dampish snow on most of the trails, with lots of ice on the trees and lots of branches hanging down or lying around, although Cy and Peter Higham and I cleared a good many of them off the trails. And of course there is an abundance of water gurgling everywhere with many bare wet spots which don’t cause issues if the temp is above freezing as long as the bare area is organic material and not rock. Needless to say there has been no grooming, although Bucky is looking into getting an Argo conversion kit for the ski doo! If you are getting desperate and decide to adventure out tomorrow, and assuming the temp drops below freezing tonight and we get a few cm of snow, you can expect icing of ski bases if( that should really be WHEN, not if) you hit any water so ensure you have a scraping device or be prepared for a slower pace. Pre coating your bases with one of those expensive silicone based sprays might mitigate this. And yes they have whacks of snow farther North-(Bathurst, Charlo, Sugarloaf/Campbellton, Grand Falls, Cabano, St Antonin(very nice trails), and of course Quebec City/Levis/Camp Mercier/St Ferreole du Neige…., and enough to groom at Wostawea(Fredericton).