Trail Conditions

Skiing is Believing

The flurries early this morning have blown into the track making for quite pleasant skiing. There is still whacks of snow in the woods. Glide is about a 2 out of 4; Grip is fair but will improve once the flurries have been compacted into the underlying track, and wax will work. Because things haven’t frozen up completely, Bucky will likely wait unto tomorrow to groom most trails, but may do CTT today if Jackrabbit is on. Needless to say there are bare areas heading up Quarry Road just before LeRond, and ice before that, and although I put some more snow over the pipe leaving the quarry, exercise caution there. Similarly the power line and bridge heading to Bridesway from the bench are bare, and there are icey patches on the Doncaster Bypass. The best skiing is from the Quarry road and although it is frozen now, it is rutted, the worst part being the section from Reservoir Gate to the Access road, so if you are driving low slung vehicles you may want to start at the Reservoir Gate. Cheers,