Trail Conditions

Skiing Update

Ski conditions up the hill remain passable. There is 3-5 cm of dense snow wherever there is no canopy so skiing on LeRond(via Coombs Road), Cypass, and down the Birches, as well as the Wood Road to the Sunny spot have enough snow to ski. The track is feeble and certainly not enough snow to groom but it is a lot closer than going to Keppoch, where they have some flat groomed trails, or Dingwall where North Highlands Nordic have several trails groomed for classic and skating, or Campo Mercier with similar early season limited skiing. There are alot of ice and snow ladden branches hanging over the trails creating beauty and obstruction so feel free to take your loppers. And of course be careful on descending hills in case of underlying rocks. Also any open fields or roads at elevation have descent coverage but aren’t formally designated skiing areas.