Trail Conditions

Soggy Saturday

Things should be softening up by now and by noon will be getting a bit soupy, and fairly slow. Although there may be a few fast areas from last evening’s freeze, they will be disappearing quickly. Glide is about 2.5 now but will steadily decline through the day, but likely won’t reach the achingly slowness that fresh warm snow brings(which one skier described as -1!! glide!!). Wax skis won’t work unless you want to get into the sticky world of klister but others will.
As noted yesterday, Bucky did groom most trails but was unable to create a great track- as soon as he tried to churn up the snow with the “teeth” he had a huge anchor-like ball of sticky snow dragging behind him. Nonetheless, getting rid of the ruts and the ice made conditions far more pleasant, (albeit way less exhilarating). He plans to head out Sunday morning and should be able to grind out some pretty nice conditions for tomorrow.