Trail Conditions

Spring It Is!/ Another Snow Shoe Adventure

1.Some grooming took place this morning but Blue was left for those desirous of a faster track, and because the driver kept getting stuck- watch for the divots! Bucky, who is basketballing today, of course never gets stuck!. Glide will be sedate except Blue where in the shade it may remain zippy all day, which equates to a 3+/4, but everywhere in the sun will slow to 1-2 by noon. Waxless, skin and zero skis should work well.
2. The Crooked Tree Time Trial is on this afternoon from 1-2:30(Jackrabbits), and until 5 others, so unless you are participating in the TT, best to head to Quarry Road or park at the Access Road and ski down the side until Red, at least during the Jackrabbit Frenzy. Cheers,