Trail Conditions

Spring Sun Skiing

Bucky is on the snow as I jot this down, and should be able to clean up all the debris and set a fair track. Things will be a bit zippy for the next few hours but by afternoon there should be lots of water in the snow and glide will be below 2. There is still lots of snow excpept the occaisional bare spot. Note that like the Power Line, Quarry Road haas now been* plowed* so you will have to hike in to the Quarry-Go-Round or the start of LeRond if you are starting from there. The Walker Road remains fairly soupy once it is above freezing for a few hours. I have asked Bucky to groom the Crooked Tree Trail flat for the remainder of the season so people can skate ski that loop. Although a bit narrow, it is quite doable and a real fun little ride. There are couple of pair of skate skis in our garage. If you want to borrow them for an outing, let me know. You can use your own boots and poles. Happy Spring,