Trail Conditions

Sunday update

As expected, things are stunning in the woods. Bucky groomed most of the trails, including the inaugural run through the Bridesway- thanks again to Cy Bernard for all the leveling and widening- everyone I spoke to was really enjoying this upgrade. Due to the soft snow and heavy use the track is getting a bit uneven, but certainly way better than last week! I think Bucky will likely head out in the afternoon tomorrow to freshen things up once it cools off enough. As temps warm this afternoon, sticking may become an issue with it’s perennial frustrations, so carry a scraper and if you have it, some silicone spray or the like. Generally waxless skis are a little less prone to this and will work fine in warmer temps. And if you want a more intimate experience than the wide ski trails, check out the snow shoe trails where often you are in a tunnel of snow clad branches- most of them have been tracked so snow shoeing is much easier than yesterday, but likely too soft to walk yet. Cheers,