Trail Conditions

Sunday’s Refrain

Bucky groomed most trails yesterday, but the best skiing remained the Yellow/LeRond environs. I followed his track around Blue and things were pretty good until they weren’t- once you got close to Smith ‘s Camp there was logging activity and the ascent out of the Camp under the (Invasive) Softwood canopy was skied mostly on moss- nice and slow if that is your flavor. Glide will be 2.5-3/4 as it warmed enough yesterday for the snow to transform and refreeze into those rounded crystals we either love or hate. If the treatened flurries materialize it wil slow things down. With near zero temps waxless or skin are your best bet for grip, although I suspect the wax diehards will still be tempted to try a little Purple, or some of Jack’s magical Vauhti Carrot Day, just to prove me wrong. The Rabbits will be out at 1300 hr for an hour or two.