Trail Conditions

Sunny but cool

Trails are in much better shape after Bucky’s resuscitation late yesterday. After a long debate with both of us citing obscure articles from past issues of the TOC Journal of Snow Hydrology and Pseudo Physics, we finally agreed that 3 p.m. was the sweet spot between the snow being concrete and too hard to work with, or turning the track into an luge run. Where Bucky was able to incorporate some uncompressed snow from the side the track is stunning. Speed is about a 2-3/4-; 2 or slowish in the fresh track but 3 or more on hardpacked/untracked sections. Bucky reports sketchy areas going down to Doncaster Pond due to lack of snow coverage, with similar problems on the descent in either direction to Smith’s Camp. If you are looking for flattish sections, the first part of the Red to the hill to Don Pond, and the very nice Popsicle loop are great, and if you want to avoid the rather fast Crooked Tree Trail, you can park up the hill at the start of the Access Road and make a nice track in soft snow on the right down to where the ski trail c