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Municipal Election Candidates April 29, 2016

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Several TOC members have thrown their hats into the ring in the upcoming municipal election: Ashley Broderick, Brian Nielson Allison Butcher are all running for Sackville council.

Christina De Haas https://www.facebook.com/Vote-Christina-DeHaas-for-DEC is running for district education council rep.
Although the executive of the TOC feel we should remain at least somewhat neutral, we would like to wish the candidates well in this endeavour.


Cross Country New Brunswick

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Cross Country New Brunswick AGM, May 14th 2016 – Invitation & Agenda

Date and Time:   Saturday May 14th, 2016 – 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Location:             The Goodie Shop
20 Fountainhead Lane, Miramichi, N.B.

Please register online @ zone4.ca
Tantramar Outdoor Club normally abstains from this meeting for no other reason than apathy and distance, but if anyone is interested in heading up and wants to represent the TOC let me know.

Note from Doug:  With increasing pressure for motorized access to all trails, CCNB might be a valuable counter-balance for maintaining some self-propelled areas.

2. Andre Bourque has resigned from his position as Executive Director of CCNB. If you are looking for a job, the info is on the CCNB website. Although it may not mention it on the job description, I would be pretty sure you could ski at any club in NB for free as part of your “duties”( just making sure your trails are safe/up to par…), so maybe some of you full time skiers out there may want to come out of retirement….


Updates 15 Jan 2015 January 15, 2015

Potluck Reminder at St Anne’s Church Hall, this Saturday the 17th January. Social starting at 4:45; dinner at 5:30 pm. St. Ann’s Church Hall, British Settlement.
Kate will gladly accept annual dues and hand out Membership Cards.

Cross Country NB Maritime cup races-17th January at Dieppe-Freestyle/ 18th January in Mirimichi-Classic Agegroups from 4 to really old. consult CCNB web site for details.

Woman’s ski weekend in Charlo 31st January and 1st February. Contact Barb Hurlbut barbntom@rogers.com for details. Several of our members have attended these fun and informative sessions in the past and really enjoyed the marvelous facilities in Charlo.

Susan Kastuk-Ridlington has put forms at the cabin and will have some at the potluck to try to find ways for folks who want to ski with company to get together. There is likely a simple way to do this via the TOC Facebook page and if anyone wants to enlighten me I will send out the details.

Cy and the chain saw boys have cut a lovely new 2 km loop trail which includes the new Coombs bypass(parallels Coombs Rd at the start of the Yellow). We will be doing a tour Saturday a.m., leaving from the Reservoir Gate around 0930. Look for tracks and orange flagging at the start and end of the Coombs Rd.
We are also looking for a name. So far we have Lost Lagoon Loop, Coombs Mountain Loop, and The Roundabout. If any of you poets want to suggest something equally flowery let me know.

Grooming. As you will have noted Pat packed the trails, with difficulty, last week but even with the dusting we had Monday there is not quite enough snow to set track. Our snow princesses have some sort of ritual planned for the potluck to bring on the Nor’ Easters.

See you Saturday, Ross


2015 Dues Please January 9, 2015

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Dues for 2015 are now due. $40 for families, $20 for individuals. This entitles you to free use of the ski and snowshoe trails(although so does non membership, for that matter), helps financially support the skidoo which grooms the trails(with a little steering from Pat Hayes who does this on a volunteer basis) as well as the wood, nails etc used by Cy Bernard and his host of trail workers who maintain and develop trails. It also pays for the $10/member Cross Country NB fee which provides insurance for the club’s activities. Our other main income sources, since you ask, are the Triathlon($3-4,000/yr) and the Town grant($1,800/yr, in part based on number of members).
You can pay dues to Kate Bredin, 2 Sawdon, Sackville, E4L 2K5, or at the potluck.
Thank you to the hordes who have already antied up.

See you at the potluck or on the trails, Cheers, Ross


TOC Meeting 22/11/14 and Potluck November 28, 2014

1. Motion by Kate and well seconded, and passed apparently unanimously to set membership fees this year at $40 for families and $ 20 for individuals. Payable to Kate Bredin (kate.bredin@gmail.com). We will send out a formal email in the new year.

2. Motion by Jeff and seconded by Peter to allow the trail committee a budget of upwards of $3,000 to buy materials to begin construction of a second TOC warming hut on the Yellow Trail. The owner, one Ross Thomas, has given permission to build a cabin as long as it is built, owned and maintained by the TOC. The group was in agreement with these stipulations.
If extra money is needed, which may be the case, depending on how much money the Triathlon makes next year, we can raise it next year by offering shares for sale or sustaining memberships at say $100/50 for those able to afford it. (We did the latter to pay for the CTT cabin).
This writer gave a brief update on finances.We have about $7,000 in the bank and can anticipate $1,000 to $1,800 from the Town in the New Year. He also threatened to pass around the 2014 financial statement but forgot. I would be happy to send it along to anyone that wants to see it.
Unless there is a particularly snowless and mild December, it is unlikely construction will begin until next year.
We will need windows and a wood stove so if anyone has a lead on either let me know.

3. The Jackrabbit program is gearing up to not only run again but to expand. There at least five new leaders. We have again applied for a grant to assist this program.

4. Susan Kastuk-Ridlington reported that there were three popular paddling events this past season.

5. Cyrus gave an update on trail improvements including a Coombs Road bypass which will make it easier to avoid this section if George plows his road to get into his sugar bush.
Today Wade Wheaton and his crew hauled in outhouses to the cabin as well as the future cabin site on the Yellow. There is a bit of stabilizing that needs to happen before that are ready to be christened. Becky Whittam has kindly offered to place toilet paper in squirrel proof containers- the squirrels will have to bring their own.

6. Equipment buy/sell/trade. Not much happened on this front. We decided such exchanges could be best facilitated by asking the webmistress or her father, Doug Campbell, to post stuff to the buy/sell section on the website.

7. Sandy mentioned that there is a good website –  http://crosscountryskitechnique.com/ with all kinds of info and videos.

The meeting as usual ended amicably, mostly because everyone was eager to get to the desserts.