Trail Conditions

The cable is down

You’ll notice that the cable at Quarry Road is down- your necks will be thanking the Coombs for letting us do this, but if we find any of you folks sneaking out of there with knapsacks full of gravel…. A few weeks ago I was rambling on about trail etiquette and reminisced about having nearly “piste in the track”, and it seems some folk have taken this literally as there seems to be a lot of Yellow markings unassociated with canine footprints(not that there would be any coyotes about as they are aware of our no dog policy). One of my ski partners claims it is mostly boy pee and vehemently disclaimed any involvement of the Full Moon Sorority, who in the past were rumored to be using this technique to repel those same pesky coyotes, exposing said full moons in the process. I am not sure how he can tell, but he is a musician so he must know. At any rate, it would be appreciated that you either use the lovely outhouses, or be more discrete in your leavings (Leave nothing but ski prints, take nothing but pictures). Bucky has been up to the Ridge again and even explored a few more routes. Just a note that these unmarked ventures are off our regular, marked trail system so if heading “hor piste”, remember there are some nasty hills,and you do so at even more your own risk than on our regular trails. Skiing should be pretty nice today with warmer temps. Grip will be tricky so likely waxless/skins best, and though sticking is possible, I think with lots of liquid moisture in the snow less likely. Glide will be around 2 or less in the new snow, although speeding up considerably if there is freezing rain or ice pellets. Bucky touched up most tracks yesterday and made it over to *Beech Hill* and the tracks are excellent!! Hope you are able to get up the hill, Cheers,