Trail Conditions

This Weekends event updates/Conditions

Bucky, as predicted, made some nice tracks yesterday. It did get warm so those tracks will be glazed and fast this morning but with warming temps glide should slow to a 2-2.5 by 2 o’clock. The Quarry Road has been partly plowed into Carter’s Quarry (left of cable) so the decent of that hill should be *avoided, *likely for the remainder of the season.
As a result of these conditions we have decided to *cancel this mornings 10 a.m. ski.* *T*he other events are:
2:00 group ski, everyone welcome! Start at the *quarry entrance*(2.3 km from Reservoir Gate Parking) on Walker Rd (this is a change of starting location!) We will split into at least two groups so all of you who wanted at 3-4 km ski, come join! There will also be an 8-9 km ski and potentially a longer one as well.
Sunday March 12 12.40 Snow shoe outing with me, leaving from Reservoir gate. Can also join at 1:00 from corner of access rd/ski trail 1.00 skiing Beyond with