Trail Conditions


(in case you’re retired, just helping you orient…) Bucky was out much of the day yesterday, grinding concrete snow, getting stuck in the softer side snow, and even adventuring up to Drop Off Ridge!, where there is a splendid track- but don’t go up beyond your descending comfort zone! On the Yellow and Blue he was able to get into enough new snow to make a really good track most places, and you’ll appreciate the occasional large divots where he had his “breaks”, but on the more compacted Red the track is often minimal. Today’s skiff of new warm snow will slow things down considerably- likely *1-2/4*, except under softwood sections where little of it will reach the ground. Also *sticking* is a real possibility until the temp drops below freezing this afternoon, which is also when wax will start working again.. You’ll note a few One Way signs- one on the Popsicle Loop to avoid descending the big hill(this is meant to be an easy trail), and on the bypass to Sugar Brook Lodge where the trail is very narrow and the descent part of a Strava segment making it prone to out of control descenders. There is a pair of *sunglasses* hanging outside Sugar Brook Lodge if you are looking for them. Great to see some of the youth tearing themselves away from the Home Schooling. If you are out with small kids, consider taking a small *towline*. Great on flats and uphills and can break up the monotony and curb whining. Make sure kids are warmed up first and don’t pull for too long or they get cold- the only thing worse than a whiney skier, is a cold whiney skier… Have fun,