Trail Conditions

to Ski or not to ski?

Conditions are pretty soft this morning in the tracks- collapsing a couple of cm beneath your skis. This will also make rutted conditions for anyone going out later today after freeze up. Bucky plans to renovate everything tomorrow morning once things have dried up a bit. Great going on the ski doo trail(left at the top of the hill past the Reservoir gate) or the ATV trail along the Access road where the snow is more compacted so less sinking but enough to make a nice track and not slip sideways. Usually little traffic on these trails on weekdays until at least noon, but keep your ears open. Glide is almost non existent but will steadily improve as the day progresses and may reach uncomfortably fast for many by late afternoon. Any non wax ski will grip nicely, and because there is so much water, no sticking. The Walker Road is very icey but I think there has been some sand spread. Cheers,