Trail Conditions

To Ski?

As usual there is a bit more snow up the hill, but no where near the 10-20 cm promised by Enviroment Canada. Bare spots on CrookedTree Trail so no “First Skiable Snow” winner yet. I skied around LeRond and it was doable but not great. Best coverage is actually on roadways -the freezing rain seems to have provided a protective undercoat and the absence of trees allowed more snow accumulation. The Access Road, Quarry road, and Fire Tower Road all would be OK sking. Any conifer free trails will provide better snow cover- Cypass, Birches, The Wood Road to Sunny Spot on Blue and Coombs Road. Things are also pretty soggy on some of the trails but with temps at or above freezing sticking shouldn’t be a big problem, and glide is nice and slow at 2/4. If temps plummet to -1 overnight and we get a few cm of snow things would of course improve.