Trail Conditions

Today’s Prediction

Bucky spent a good part of the day yesterday scratching up the crust and making a track .He was pleased with the results and we decided with few folks on the trails we would await the promised new snow before deciding on further grooming. Glide will be a bit slower this morning due to the cold at 2.5/4 except of course where the sun beat down on the track yesterday where it will be more glazed and faster. Green wax will work but will need to be reapplied as it will wear off quickly. Skins and waxless will also work, though if you find yourselves back slipping, a little green or blue grip wax behind the scales/skins will work nicely. Any flurries will slow things down though we may have to wait for tomorrow for this. Same advisories as yesterday re icey conditions on hills to Don Pond and Quarry road from Cable to LeRond, I presume. If you want really flat skiing with a good track, head to Ski Beaver in Cocagne where for $5 you can lots of practice double polling.,-64.5914409,1504m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x4ca08d2d100b941d:0x62640047f8dadf5a!8m2!3d46.3255615!4d-64.5874176 Cheers,