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Trail Condition Reports February 18, 2012

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152 Responses to “Trail Condition Reports”

  1. Ross Thomas Says:

    trail updates are sent out to those interested via an email list. If you are interested in being added to this list, or the TOC list, email me at
    grothomas@gmail.com. Ross

  2. Ross thomas Says:

    Pat was able to set a lovely track despite all the drifting yesterday. Glorious sunshine. Zoom zoom.

  3. Pat Says:

    Beech Hill has been packed but no track set until the next snowfall. I will be packing CCT and beyond starting tomorrow with the snowmobile and then smoothing out the tracks from the machine by towing the old groomer after. This will likely take me the better part of the day so track setting will be after the next snowfall ( Thursday?). The reason for not using the new groomer and setting track as I pack is because there is too much snow and I will be constantly stuck.
    A huge thank you to Cy for shovelling out the doors of the shed so I could get the groomer out!!😄

  4. Ross thomas Says:

    Track on big loop remains good. New Roundabout trail broken, broken to Drop Off Ridge and beyond with lovely return descent, as well as on the west side of Sugar Brook to the Rabbit Warren and up to Bredin’s Belvedere. Peter and I had a lovely break in the -15 degree sunshine overlooking Sugar Brook Gulch.

  5. Peter Higham Says:

    The groomed trails were even better today. And they were already fantastic yesterday. Beautiful job, Pat. Beyond, ungroomed trails ain’t bad either!

  6. Ross thomas Says:

    Trails are in royally today-Great track, good pole track and lovely sunshine. Thanks Pat

  7. Kate Bredin Says:

    Blue North trails are tracked almost to the green cabin – thanks to Karin Aurell and Kate Duffy

  8. Ross thomas Says:

    Lake has lots of smooth ice. Good base remains on most of ski trails due to packing Pat did 2 weeks ago. A few centimeters of snow will again allow skiing, but we won’t complain if we get more.

  9. Pat Says:

    Thought I would try and pack our trails yesterday, not as much snow as I thought so I won’t be going out with the groomer again until there is significant snowfall. I do have to go back out to remove a huge tree that is across the trail as I can’t get around it. I will be going without the groomer so you will see my tracks (to far to walk carrying a power saw) but hopefully the snow that is called for on Monday will cover them up.

  10. Doug Says:

    Sackville Waterfowl park is gorgeous for skate skiing. There are a few slushy patches.

  11. Ross thomas Says:

    Great skiing, for November, from the Reservoir Gate to bottom Yellow via the new Coombs bypass. Will see what is left after this Chinook.

  12. Doug Campbell Says:

    Welcome to the 2014/2015 Season!
    The Sackville Marsh pasture out past the town garage is nice for classic.
    cheers, Doug

  13. ross thomas Says:

    Still some snow on rail trail beyondnHavelock Noiles Rd in Midgic but bare areas tomportage. Looks better coming toward Brooklyn Bridge from near end of Brooklyn Rd about 1 km along unpaved section atmsharp right turn to Jolicure, ski straight from here.

  14. Ross thomas Says:

    Thanks to Bruce Coates who made short work of the big spruce tree mentioned in my last post. He even managed to have it fall off the trail!
    Skiing remains quite satisfactory once the snow softens up- i.e. 2-3 hr after getting above freezing.

  15. Ross thomas Says:

    After a lot of badgering, Cyrus has finally finished clearing most of the overlying branches and fallen debris off the CTT and big loop. Conditions remain very good between about 1-2 degrees to 3-4 degrees, depending on how deep the night time freeze is.
    Be wary of the large conifer tree which has split down the middle just beyond the junction to the cabin. Ross Galbraith has kindly and appropriately marked this with caution tape as he rightly predicts the tree is hankering after falling across the ski trail. If you are in the area and you hear a lot of cracking and booming , best beware…

  16. ik3 Says:

    Thanks Gentlemen, skiing is good

  17. cybern Says:

    Ross and I cleaned up the mess of trees, branches, etc between the Gate and the Access Rd and to the Hut.
    Cy B. Apr. 2

  18. Ross thomas Says:

    This oh Dante is the inferno!
    Not bad snow, but tons of fallen ice encrusted trees and overhanging branches. aka December skiing. Although one could spend hours nipping and trimming, likely easier to wait for a bit of warmth to melt all the ice.

  19. peter manchester Says:

    Oh great snow goddess, deliver me from this wintry hell. It is time you depart lest we lose our better judgement.

  20. ross thomas Says:

    Ballbearing snow over firm but not rockhard crust; fast and great grip with Zero skis. Best un trakset skiing of the year, so far.

  21. ik3 Says:

    CTT broke, cabin sholved, tough sledding

  22. peter manchester Says:

    Skate skiing on the Sackville Country Club fairways was pretty nice yesterday.

  23. Peter Higham Says:

    Beautiful sun and snow in the woods this afternoon. Snowmobile trails aren’t too bad, but as Ross has indicated, one can ski in the woods just about anywhere your fancy takes you.

  24. ross thomas Says:

    Beautiful on the Tantramar River for skating or double poling or walking of skijoring. Access via Ultramar overpass parking at small spruce tree on rigt 50 meters past end of guardrail.follow ditch/stream into main river. Best snow is near edges. Avoid black ice/ water. I went up Maurice Creek on left. Better to follow main river around to right and then northeast. Ross

  25. Ross thomas Says:

    Great skiing if you can find untracked snow- the golf course, the field at Beech Hill, possibly the marsh but may be too windswept, likely the river or unplowed roads or trails….

  26. ross thomas Says:

    Yellow this afternoon was lovely. Good grip with multis, still good glide at plus 2-3 degrees. Accessed via ski doo trail by Quarry Rd 3-4 km along Walker Rd. ATV and Ski Doo trails also fine, in afternoon. I would suggest roughly 3 hours of plus 2 degrees or 2 hours of plus 2 degrees or some other combination when multiplied produces 6 makes for good conditions and not too sloppy.

  27. Pat Hayes Says:

    Sad to say but………I brought the groomer home today. See you next season!

  28. Pat Hayes Says:

    Tried grooming today but it is very icy. Went as far as Doncaster Pond. The rain and freezing temps have made it to hard for the knives to work. I’ll try again if it warms up some. The season is winding down.

  29. ik3 Says:

    And in great shape, thanks

  30. Pat Hayes Says:

    All trails are track set.

  31. ross thomas Says:

    Broke to cabin. Nice track but not great polling. Snow is fast for new stuff.

  32. Ross thomas Says:

    Pat managed to get rid of 99% of the crud in the track and loosen things up so skiing is almost safe again as far as the pond and round CTT. Beyond that it remains the Luge Run it was Sunday with lots of crud under the fir trees- wear your helmet! Klister and likely wax less would work, and if it gets to freezing chemical/zero skis on the aforementioned groomed sections.
    Alternately the ski doo and ATV trails are reasonably churned up for skating or classic.

  33. Pat Hayes Says:

    I tried to groom today but didn’t have much luck. I went as far as Doncaster but the track I set leaves a lot to be desired.

  34. Pat Hayes Says:

    Freshened up the trails this morning. Beautiful out there!

  35. HJ Says:

    The metal maps are posted on the routes.Each map shows both sides.

  36. Molly Says:

    Where can I get a good trail map for the reservoir side trails?

  37. Ross thomas Says:

    Trackset trails are even lovelier an earlier in the week. New snow and cold has slowed things down with great grip.
    Broken to Woodhurst Rd via the Higham Hiway.

  38. Pat Hayes Says:

    Trails are track set for the weekend. Enjoy!

  39. Ross thomas Says:

    Blue, Yellow and CCT trails remain in good condition. Track has held up very well though the flurries last night and through the day have slowed things down, so less glide but safer hills.

  40. Ross thomas Says:

    Broke to ridge, then red tag trail. Conditions on groomed trails are good to excellent- great glide but a bit fast for those that prefer grip to glide. And the sunshine -splendid!

  41. ross thomas Says:

    Greatbjob Pat of transforming iceminto skiable snow.
    Cy and I made a detour through woods around plowed section on Coomb’s road.
    Broke to Ridge. LooksmlikemLiz and Carolyn broke Kamakaze Hill!

  42. Pat Hayes Says:

    Trails are track set. Part of the Yellow has been bulldozed into the sugar camp so best walk that section.

  43. Peter Higham Says:

    Beautiful grooming and tracking today, Pat, to make for a beautiful ski.

  44. Ian Dennis Says:

    I groomed a 5km loop on Silver Lake, it is a bit iced in, but I managed 20km on it today

  45. Pat Hayes Says:

    Trails are groomed and track set. Lots of snow out there!

  46. Pat Hayes Says:

    Hopefully most of you mid week skiers are also hockey fans, Olympic hockey that is. Your groomer will be glued to the TV today watching both the Curling and Hockey gold medal games. (Damn hard to find a decent volunteer these days!!) 🙂 Go Canada!!!
    Grooming will commence early in the AM tomorrow.

  47. ik3 Says:

    Ross try Swix Red,just under the foot

  48. Ross thomas Says:

    Did some breaking toward Doncaster Pond- hard slogging and with the lovely sun on fresh snow, skis sticking stilt fashion. I’d definitely wait until below freezing or cloud cover/ darkness, or until Pat is able to set a nice track.

  49. ik3 Says:

    Tks Pat

  50. Pat Hayes Says:

    Trails are groomed and track set and ready for skiers! Enjoy.

  51. Pat Hayes Says:

    All trails are groomed and track set.

  52. Doug Campbell Says:

    What a beautiful day, and great to see so many out, particularly the JackRabbits.
    We are so lucky to have Pat on the groomer.
    The ATV trails and the Access Rd. along the highway are good, but there is some gravel poking through.

  53. Pat Hayes Says:

    Beech Hill and CTT are groomed and track set. Enjoy!

  54. Doug Campbell Says:

    Beautiful skate skiing on the Access Road along the highway, out from Walker Road. Get out before the ATV’s wreck it.
    cheers, Doug, Strider & Pirate. Hey Ho! Let’s Go!

  55. Pat Hayes Says:

    I groomed all trails this morning. I didn’t set any track. If the snow forecast for Wednesday arrives I will be back out on Thursday or Friday.

  56. Doug Campbell Says:

    Decent conditions on the RailstoTrails out beyond Midgic, starting from Havelock Noiles road.

  57. Cy Bernard Says:

    The Crooked Tree Blue Ribbon snowshoe trail is in good condition

  58. Doug Campbell Says:

    Rails to trails at Midgic are fairly good

  59. Ian Dennis Says:

    The Town has ploughed up the skate track in preparation for Winterfest. I see little point in continuing grooming at the park

  60. Doug Campbell Says:

    Atv trails are good. Get out before they are rutted up

  61. Pat Hayes Says:

    CCT and BH are both track set. I set track as far as the power line and then took just the sled around blue and yellow. Not sure when I will be able to take the groomer around there, need more snow! Ross is looking for some detours which may help.

  62. Ian Dennis Says:

    Beech Hill groomed for Skating Thursday afternoon, Pat did most of the work

  63. Pat Hayes Says:

    I set track at CCT and BH yesterday.

  64. Ian Dennis Says:

    I groomed the skate trail at Beach Hill this lunchtime, some parts are quite good, though not all. Get there before it gets burred in snow!

  65. Peter Higham Says:

    After looking for somewhere good to ski for a couple of weeks now, this afternoon was great. After getting around a few holes, both Blue and Yellow were pretty good. Certainly more snow fell there than in town. It was 0 and I found my ‘multis’ (as Anne Varner suggested) working well in these conditions.

  66. Ross thomas Says:

    Some track setting at Beech Hill and CTT. Most anywhere else on the Blue and Yellow you will find lots of water and big dips where there has been excess melting/ water running below snow. This is particularly true enroute to the Pond, and on the long descent to Petrie’s Folly on Yellow.
    Best places to ski will be the high dry areas, ie roadways that aren’t plowed. The Access Rd, the skidoo trails and if they don’t plow it the ATV trail from the top of Walker Rd. I would be careful on the section from Walker Rd to the pond as there were lots of bare areas of Gravel before this snow. Beyond the Pond there was lots of coverage so shouldn’t be any gravel.
    Finally, there is way more snow with this system up the hill than in Town!!!

  67. Paul Jensen Says:

    Had a great skate-ski at Beech Hill today. Thank you Ian!!

  68. Ross Thomas Says:

    ski doo trails recently groomed so also would be great skating or even classic with wax less skis. Cy and Roy finished clearing the Yellow which is also skiable with step skis. You can also ski starting on the road into the quarries about 2.4 km past the Reservoir Gate which will take you up to the yellow on a lovely new trail through the woods- follow my ski tracks and bear left when you come to a fork. And finally, reasonable ice for skating on both Lake and WFP.

  69. Ian Dennis Says:

    I freshened up the track round Beech Hill today, should be pretty fast now

  70. Pat Hayes Says:

    Tried to groom today but couldn’t break the snow (ice) up enough to set a track. I’ll be out again as soon as it warms up.

  71. Doug Campbell Says:

    Midgic Marsh is iced over. Once the surface rots a bit, it should be good for skating again.

  72. Ian Dennis Says:

    I groomed Beech Hill for skate today, I used the teeth to scratch up the ice crust, which worked quite well. I skied the loop afterwards and it was a nice hard base, with good glide, though a bit rutted as I am still getting the hang of the groomer

  73. Ross Thomas Says:

    Trails crusty and debris laden as expected but skiable with step skis. Klister will very quickly turn to spruceter. Anywhere untrodden would be great-the field at Beech hill, Golf Course, King st on road at bootom of hill after Purdy’s before straem etc.

  74. Gerry and Uta Says:

    Thanks to the folks who have groomed the trails and to those who have trimmed the overhanging icicle-laden branches, particularly on the Yellow. Fabulous conditions today!

  75. Ian Dennis Says:

    I just groomed the skate track at Beech Hill, it is not as good as Pat’s grooming, and the field was blowing in as fast as I could groom it.

  76. Pat Hayes Says:

    Just when I thought I was getting ahead……….! Started packing this afternoon. Beech Hill and CCT are packed by just the snowmobile, I will set track tomorrow morning. Ogden Loop is good to go. Thanks to the snowshoe group for giving me a trail to follow. Hard to see through all those bent over trees!
    Hope to have everything track set by tomorrow night.
    I found a set of skiis on the way home. They were left at the end of Mahoney Rd. If you hear of anyone losing some have them contact me.


  77. Ik3 Says:

    Thanks Pat, skiing is great

  78. Pat Hayes Says:

    Just got back from grooming. Everything is packed and track set. Skate track is packed.

  79. Pat Hayes Says:

    Trails are all packed and track set. Beech Hill skate loop is packed. Not quite enough new snow to cover up the ice but with the forecast for snow it will be better next time out. Enjoy!

  80. Kate Bredin Says:

    Christmas Day: The trails are great – Santa brought enough snow overnight to cover the ice nicely. There is a fire on in the cabin…and the woods are all a glitter.

  81. Doug Campbell Says:

    Merry Christmas. God Jul.
    Midgic Marsh is decent for skating and for striding, while we await the stalwart efforrts of Pat & Ian on the groomers.

  82. Pat Hayes Says:

    Tried to do some grooming today but not much luck. Took the sled around CCT and out past the power line. Broke the snow up a bit but not enough to be able to groom. I will try again on Boxing Day.
    Merry Xmas

  83. Doug Campbell Says:

    The Midgic Marsh has a firm crust which is skateable, although still slippery.
    If we get a bit of snow on top of the crust, it should be good for skating.
    The rails to trails is a bit rutted, but some hardy soul tried skating on it.

  84. Ian Dennis Says:

    Beech hill park was pretty good for skating this morning I banged out 20km. The town came and plowed the dog walkers loop, which buried part of the trail. I tried to fix it with my snowmobile, but it’s not as smooth as Pat’s groomer

  85. Pat Hayes Says:

    All trails have now been packed with the groomer with the exception of Ogden Loop. I made a second pass around there with the snowmobile today and hope to level it with a drag this weekend. Track setting to follow soon!

  86. Doug Campbell Says:

    A big groomer was leaving the Main St. Esso at ~18:10 on Thursday, heading up the hill past the CoOp towards Walker Rd.
    If one was quick, one could probably chase it on a beautifully groomed trail before the ATV’s break things up.

  87. Doug Campbell Says:

    The Walker Road woods road is broken out past Doncaster’s pond, past the powerline, down the big hill (Petrie’s Folly?) and up to the left aways, about 3.5 km out from Walker Road.
    Cheers, Jason Hicks & Strider; Doug & Pirate. EuroHounds Rule!

  88. susanfisher Says:

    Skiing on the Westcock Marsh is good this morning. Some of the fields have 5cm which means you can get a good stride going. Others have 10-15 which means a trail breaking exercise. Lovely on top of the dike watching the ice floes come up the river with the incoming tide. It is Westcock, therefore the wind is blowing so wear a good wind breaking jacket. The sky is a gorgeous winter sky.

  89. Sue Fisher Says:

    Skiing on the Westcock Marsh good for those who like flat skiing, a good way to start the ski season. Skiing along the dike allows you to watch the ice floes coming up the river on the tide. Some fields are about 5cm so you can get a good stride going, others have 10-15cm so a trail breaking exercise for the first go around. You will need a gortex jacket as it is Westcock, therefore the wind is blowing. Big skies and great clouds make up for that.

  90. Pat Hayes Says:

    Hi skiers. I know with all the snow on it’s way you will all be anxious for some track set to ski in so I thought I would update you on my schedule. It is best to let the snow settle for a day before venturing out with the sled and groomer, this will make for a much better base. Also much easier for me and less chance of damage to our equipment. I plan to head out either tomorrow or Tuesday morning with the sled first to do the initial packing and then follow that by taking the old groomer around to smooth out my tracks. If conditions are right I should have tracks for you by Friday at the latest.


  91. Doug Campbell Says:

    The access road from Walker Road out along the highway is rock-skiable.
    HOORAY for SNOW in Tantramar!
    Doug, Pirate & Strider.
    A few more nights of solid freezing should make the waterfowl park skate skiable.

  92. Ross Says:

    Fire Tower Rd,, a few hundred meters left off Walker Rd after top of King St. Park before gate or walk up from Walker Rd. Consider walking in rubber boots up road if go late in day and changing into ski boots 100 meters past gate, road to left loops back to Fire Tower Rd. Bit of a downhill early on, then cross Fire Tower Rd to ATV shelter, first Rt down skidoo ATV’d Trail to top of Yellow, then glide down through the birches to bottom of Kamakaze/Petrie’s Folly and either return whenst you came, go left up ATV trail to shelter(not as nice) or continue your travels.

  93. Ross Says:

    Great skate skiing on lake. From minus one to plus three should be pretty good for grip and glide. Most places have about 2 cm of crust on top of about 50 cm of ice according to the guys fishing. There is some open water at the outlet of Joe Brook. So turn around just after the island. Multis or wax less would work fine as well for classic. Should be good for another week or so, especially if we keep getting dustings of snow. Ross

    Sent from my iPad

  94. Ross Says:

    Good skiing from Reservoir Gate, especially before it warms up. Coverage is adequate, track is broken by the faithful, cabin is lovely. As long as it doesn’t get up above 3 or 4 degrees should be good through the weekend, especially if the flurries continue.

  95. Doug Campbell Says:

    For the persistent, there is snow out past Midgic.
    From Herbert Noiles road, jog, stumble or mountain bike to the first bridge on the Rails to Trails (about 4 km).
    Thereafter, the snow is reasonable.

    Alternately, take the Brooklyn Road, from Midgic. Where it turns to go across towards Jolicure, there is trail that cuts back to the Rails to Trails, about 1 km, joining the Rails to Trails just beyond the first bridge, at the intersection with the snowmobile trail off towards Aboujagane.

    According to Peter Higham the Brooklyn Road is getting muddy, but may be passable in the mornings before it thaws.

    According to Ross there is passable snow on the Mahoney Rd. as well, but the access from the paved part of Mahoney Rd is getting muddy & rutted.

    Doug (& Strider & Pirate. WooHoo).

  96. Doug Campbell Says:

    We owe a big thank you to Pat Hayes for his grooming efforts this year.
    I hear the classic tracks are better than ever.
    I really appreciated the Beech Hill skate loop.
    It is amazing that Pat could groom the skate track to be uphill, the whole way, in both directions.
    Trans-dimensional grooming warp?

  97. grothomas Says:

    Beech Hill and Yellow and Blue Trails were groomed is a.m., albeit by a rank amateur, so beware of winding track. Skate track at BHPark should be pretty good as is Silver Lake for skate skiing.

  98. Doug Campbell Says:

    The field at the end of Herbert Noiles rd. (off 940, between Midgic & Cookville) is good for skating.
    It is beside the RailstoTrails.

  99. Doug Campbell Says:

    Some of the blueberry fields are good for skate sking on the crust.
    I was on the newish field that is beside the highway access road, between Hesler and Walker Rd. Fun.

  100. Cy Bernard Says:

    Trails in good condition and all tracked by skis as of noon today except the Crooked Tree trail. Enjoy,

  101. Ross Says:

    One inch of fresh wet snow. Bit slow. Zero skis worked well without sticking. The fire is on.

  102. Pat Hayes Says:

    Groomed all the trails this morning. Unfortunately a quad with tracks went from the snowmobile trail up to the blueberry fields at Beech Hill. It is a mess! It will take a good snowfall before I will be able to do much with it.

  103. Ross Says:

    Trails are not only absolutely splendid, but a thing of beauty. Unfortunately it is soon time to tap trees so George Coombs went into his camp on the first part of the Yellow, but said he would try to erase his track behind him. And if you get up to Drop Off Ridge say hi to the ATVer and his stuck and broken down machine if he is still in the middle of the ski trail. (Peter H and I tried to push him out but we only are strong enough to lift skis).

  104. Pat Hayes Says:

    All trails are packed and track set. Ogden loop and the skate track are groomed as well. Track is set from parking lot at Beech Hill to trail head. It seems I forgot to do that last time. Sorry!

  105. Doug Campbell Says:

    Midgic Marsh is not good, although there are small skiable patches.

  106. Doug Campbell Says:

    Rails to Trails beyond Midgic is in good shape.
    cheers, Doug & Strider & Pirate. WooHoo.

  107. cybern Says:

    Great skiing today – Yellow, Blue & Crooked Tree. The Bride’s Way is nicely broken (bypass of steep hill at Doncaster woods)

  108. Pat Hayes Says:

    Just back from setting track on all trails. Packed the skate track as well.

  109. cybern Says:

    The Blue Ribbon snowshoe trails have been broken as of this morning.

  110. cybern Says:

    The Blue Ribbon snowshoe trails are all broken as of this morning.

  111. Pat Hayes Says:

    All trails including the skate track are now packed. Next time out I will be packing and track setting. Enjoy!

  112. Ross Says:

    Blue Trail broken to Smith’s Camp. Pat has been around CTT with the ski doo to compact it prior to tracksetting, either tomorrow or after the thaw Tuesday.

  113. Peter Says:

    Hoping to have trails groomed asap but need to check out windblown areas along route. Some spots might be rocky. Cursed north wind! Will post as soon as we know.

  114. Ross Says:

    Conditions continue to be fair to good from the Reservoir gate. Few bare area and rocks on roadways so don’t take your new Christmas skis, but quite skiable.

  115. Ross Says:

    Cy has skied around yellow and says there is enough snow to ski on. Be careful anywhere there is gravel under ski as the snow is no at all dense.

  116. ross Says:

    Great soft snow along Access Rd with a lovely nearly 1 km diversion down to the South(left heading toward Moncton) to a wee bridge and old camp. Trail had lots of overhanging branches etc but they are mostly gone(what would you expect when skiing with Cy). Start at Jamie Robinson’s Road-the first plowed road on your left along the four mile stretch(4.5 Km from Walker Rd), or actually just before that where the first section of trees between the hi way and Access Rd start. The Access Rd is quite icey so go slow. We used wax which didn’t stay on too long but worked. Waxless or klister would be fine. You could also go farther along the Access Rd if you wish.

  117. Doug Campbell Says:

    Rails to Trails past Midgic is in decent condition. A few icy patches, but pleasantly skiable.
    Park at the end of Havelock Noiles Rd. (lane to the right off Rt.940).
    cheers, Doug (& Pirate & Nanuq).

  118. Doug Campbell Says:

    The Mahoney Rd. woods road is skiable, rutted in places, and icy in places, but workable, and lovely to be in the woods.
    cheers from Doug & Strider.

  119. Ross Says:

    Silver Lake quite good for ice skating and likely kiting. Rough areas especially along edges and back section toward Mount View Rd. Back section by Walker road smoothest. Wear your balaclava and windproof undies.
    There is a nearly 1 km decent section of snow for skate skiing along the rail trail North as it crosses the Midgic Marsh Rd. Head toward the woods beside or on the rail trail until the second last section of snow which you can skate to the river on.

  120. Doug Campbell Says:

    The Midgic Marsh pastures are too thawed to be useful for skiing.
    The Midgic waterfowl empoundments are frozen hard, but are rippled ice that would be very tricky to ski.
    Silver Lake looks to be frozen smoothly – good for skating?
    The Water Fowl Park also looks good for skating.

    Has anybody been on the Mt. View snowmobile trails?

  121. Doug Campbell Says:

    Ski Map 2013 now available as a .pdf

  122. PC&CC Says:

    Great skating saturday afternoon in the snow. Nice hard base. Too bad so many people are walking on the trails at Beech Hill.

  123. Karin Aurell Says:

    We skied around the blue loop yesterday, and did a there and back on yellow today – the yellow trail is in amazingly good contition. The track up to the access road is rough but quite safe, after that it’s mostly good to Doncaster pond, other than a few very hard sections on the downhill. Once you hit the power lines, it’s beautiful skiing along the yellow trail all the way to Petries Folly. Both trails down to the Smith camp are very hard and there’s not much snow, so there is a strong case for returning along yellow and avoiding Smith’s altogether. There has also been a forestry machine down the road past Smith’s camp, so beware of the ruts when coming down the hill!

  124. Ross Says:

    Trails in skiable condition except Crooked Tree Trail which was skied in the thaw so there is now a frozen, narrow track in which your boots fetch up repeatedly. Beech hill was groomed after the fluff that fell but hard to make a track in the underlying ice. The Blue trail has been broken but the track isn’t great. Best option would be to ski on ungrromed snow- off King St or Walker Rd or…. If the ski doo trails get groomed their groomer might be able to chew the ice up enough to make good going.

  125. Ross Says:

    Trails lovely this a.m. but starting to get slow as snow liquifies and suction increases, especially in the sun, and the fast in the shade/slow in the sun making downhills tricky. Ross

  126. Ross Says:

    Skiing today on Blue and Yellow ammazingly fine. Bit fast but grip with zero skiis, waxless, klister or red was adequate. Also snow mobile and ATV trails have been recently been groomed so they are unrutted with amzingly soft and minimally transformed snow-great for skating or classic if you find the ski trails a bit too zippy.ROss

  127. PC&CC Says:

    Just finished great night-time skate ski @ Beech Hill. Perfect balance: speedy yet forgiving (hard but not concrete!). Great grooming, will be amazing at sunrise tomorrow!

  128. Pat Hayes Says:

    Beech Hill trails and skate loop are all packed and trackset. Walker Road trails are done as well. Beautiful conditions this morning.
    Cheers Pat

  129. Ross Says:

    Broken to Drop Off Ridge and down to ATV trail, then down to almost Woodhurst Rd. Cy,Kate,Karin, Nick and Ross. ATV trail from Walker Rd to Wheaton’s is skateable with new compacted snow; ATV trail from there is rutted but doable if you don’t mind skiing off the centre ridge.

  130. PC&CC Says:

    THANK YOU for the skate trail at Beech Hill park! I was pulling a 30 pound toddler around in her pulk to compact it (-: So nice to skate without fear of snowmobiles! A great addition to the Sackville Ski Scene!

  131. wade wheaton Says:

    I’m a new skier this year and I’m enjoying each time out. We are so lucky to have these trail thanks to all who make them great.

  132. Douglas Campbell Says:

    Thanks to Pat, Ian & Peter for getting the skate track organized at Beech Hill.
    It is fun, a good loop.
    I think it could use some more compaction?
    ps. the dog paws are not mine, cheers, Doug

  133. Pat Hayes Says:

    Grooming Updates
    All trails at Beech Hill are groomed except the far end of the Blue. I haven’t done that as it was in need of some TLC and I don’t want to damage the equipment. There is also the start of a skate track courtesy of Ian and Peter. I will be packing that each time I am there. CTT and the Blue, Yellow and to the Green Cabin are packed and track set as well.
    To those concerned about the double track in places, I was just trying to pack the trail a bit wider and also not ruin the first track that I set. We have an attachment being made so that I can raise the tracker which will alleviate this problem. The track set will improve with each new snowfall.
    Ogden Loop has been packed.
    I will be updating here each time I groom so check back often.

    Cheers Pat

  134. Douglas Campbell Says:

    From Ross: The trails at Beech Hill(except part of the Blue Trail), the Crooked Tree Trail and Blue North and Yellow( an 11 Km loop from the Reservoir gate) have all been groomed by Pat Hayes on the new Ski Doo. It is certainly much more pleasureable skiing. Pass on a big thanks to Pat if you see him out on the trails, or around town, and enjoy the incredible skiing.

    Also a big thanks to Cy Bernard and the many other volunteers who spent hundreds of man hours(and a few Susan K-R hours) this fall creating new trails, and widening, smoothing out and trimming back existing ones, including 4 new bridges( several built with wood from Bruce Coates that he and Pat Hayes sawed up). Cy’s crews also hauled, cut, split and stacked the winter’s wood for the cabin, reusing trees which had been cut to make the CTT.

  135. dougskijors Says:

    Hello for 2013;
    The Blue North trails are groomed and look good (from a distance).
    The Access Road along the highway is snowmobile-packed for the first ~1 km, but drifted after that.
    The snowmobile trails are groomed but I have not been on them yet.
    Any other news?
    cheers, Doug

  136. Doug Campbell Says:

    There is a wash-out completely across the Rails to Trails, between Midgic & the Trans Canada, about 10.6 km in from the end of Herbert Noiles Road, or about 5 km past Brooklyn Bridge.

    It looks like beaver activity on the south side of the trail led to a narrow, deep wash out right across the trail during the recent rains (it happened within the past 4 weeks).
    Someone has dropped brush on the trail on either side as a marker.

    Does anyone know who looks after trail maintenance?

  137. Doug Campbell Says:

    Hooray! Easter NorEastern.
    The marshes should be good after this snow.

  138. Douglas Campbell Says:

    After a night time freeze, the marshes are nice for a walk or run; later in the day they get mushy.
    I gave up and put away skiis & sled today 😦

    For the summer people are welcome to use to board to arrange cycling rendevous etc.

  139. ik3 Says:

    Summer Ski Storage ( by Ross)
    One of our skiers, Ike Whitehead, who does some work for SWIX, is offering, for a nominal fee, to prepare your skis for summer. See his email below: I suspect if a lot of folk take him up on his offer soon we will get a big dump of snow!

    “Now that the ski season is over for most of us, its time to think about preparing your skis for summer storage. The base of your skis are made of p-tex and with out a layer of wax, they will oxidize * over time and not hold wax the way they should. Ideally the kick wax, klister or wax grip tape should be removed as well as your old glide wax.

    For a fee of 10.00$ I will hot scrape** your skis and and apply a storage wax.

    Note, a portion of this fee will be donated to the Tantramar Outdoor Club

    If your interested, drop me an email at swix2@hotmail.com

    *Oxidation – when there is no glide wax on the ski base, the p-tex reacts with oxygen in the air to form a whitish layer. This oxidized layer will reduce the glide properties of the ski and also blocks the pores in the base so that additional glide wax will not penetrate the base
    **Hot Scrape – a method for cleaning the glide zone of classic skis or the whole base on skate skis. Glide wax is applied, melted to an even layer and then scraped off while still in a liquid form or very soft. This process will clean the bases effectively.”

  140. Douglas Campbell Says:

    The Sackville Marsh beyond the town garage is good for skiing, and we cut a track around the perimeter. Doug (& Strider & Pirate. WooHoo).

  141. Susan Ash Says:

    Regarding the blueberry fields between Mount View Road and rear Mahoney Road…I walk there on a regular basis. Those trees that are blocking the way came down shortly after some ATV’s did doughnuts in the field making a grand mess. The fields were very wet at the time and quite a bit of damage was done.

  142. Douglas Campbell Says:

    Blueberry fields between Mount View Road and rear Mahoney Road (access through the quarry on the powerline) look good, but are rather emphatically blocked off with fallen trees, blocking access from the snowmobile trail.

    Does anyone know the owner? Are the blockages for snowmobile/ATV, or for everyone? I took the hint yesterday and did not go out on the fields.

  143. Douglas Campbell Says:

    I you are up for a road trip, Kouchibouguac is in good shape, very fast.

  144. Douglas Campbell Says:

    Update from Ross, reposted by Doug:

    I am compelled to send out this hopefully brief missive due to the number of discouraged skiers I keep encountering who feel that the ski season is over! I have seen the desperate ones out walking and miserably bundled up on bicycles battling wind, salt and cold. To quote our infamous ski philosopher xleblanc- “it’s winter, and in winter, in Sackville, we ski”
    But Clarence,you must be kidding, there is no snow in Sackville…
    Great skiing today off the end of the Brooklyn Road in Midgic-Go right at the T-junction in Midgic, left after the church and 1 km after the end of the pavement (on a somewhat soupy road if is warm) where the road takes a shrp right to Jolicure, park and continue straight around a huge fallen fir tree which unfortunately blocks the trail for ATV’s, ski doos etc.(Don’t take the Ski doo trail on the left which is quite icey.) Put your skis on after this brief “portage” and you will face kilometers of trail with 15+ cm of dense snow with only an old ski doo track and on the first few km. There are a few streams which still have snow bridges and a Km or so past the rail trail(where you can go right for a few hundred meters and have a snack on the Brooklyn Bridge-the famous one), on the straight route, you will come to a large fast flowing stream with a 14″ wide bridge remnant which may make this a nice turn around spot if you don’t like tight rope walking, but kilometers of great snow lay on the other side. The main problem with this route is it is quite flat and fairly straight so the thrill seekers will be disappointed. My guide and I skied this at about 4 degrees and it was fine. It could also be done below freezing with waxless or skate skis. The Fog Forest Fysics lab estimate there is enough snow to last about 400 plus-degree hours (the average temperature above freezing x the number of hours it is above freezing). I am sure Professors Hornidge and Coates will be verifying this in the lab next week)
    Also the rail trail from Midgic(about 1 km or so left after the T-junction is not bad if it is warm enough to soften up the ski doo packed trail-some icey spots. There is still lots of snow on the Crooked Tree Trail but it is pretty dirty. It could be skied in warm conditions and 2 cm of fresh snow would make it quite fine.
    So don’t throw those skis away yet grasshopper… Cheers, Ross

  145. ik3 Says:

    Trails are nice, the new snow has covered the ice and dirt. Each time you go consider picking up a twig or leaf, etc of the groomed trails, two reasons, every time you ski over a twig or a piece of dirt it will take a little bit of your wax of, also, when the sun starts to hit the trails, the twigs, leafs, etc will draw the heat and cause the snow around it to melt, enjoy

  146. Cy Bernard Says:

    4:15 pm Feb. 28
    Blue Trail broken to Smith’s camp and beyond. Conditions excellent. Crooked tree not broken as of 3:30 pm.

  147. Cy Bernard Says:

    Feb. 25,
    Peter H. and I skiied the Blue and Yellow trails this afternoon – a bit soft in some places but skiable. The trail to Doncaster’s Pond is quite stable but if it freezes then the trails will be fast and a bit scary – take care.
    Cy B.

  148. dougskijors Says:

    The Walker Road/Trans-Canada Access Road and adjacent snowmobile trails are skateable.

  149. Cy Bernard Says:

    Feb. 19
    All ski trails are in good condition – either track set or broken – Crooked Tree, Blue and Yellow trails. The Blue Ribbon Snowshoe Trail is well marked and broken (proximates the Crooked Tree Ski Trail). The Ogden (Twisted Creek) trail has been snowshoed and is popular for exercising one’s dog.

  150. Amanda Says:

    Crooked Tree and Blue North were lovely this afternoon. Reasonably well groomed, a little shiny in the tracks and catchy on the poles, but we had a great ski out to Doncaster’s Pond.

  151. dougskijors Says:

    The snowmobile trails from the top of Mount View Road are in good condition, almost skateable.
    The ATV trail network is not groomed, but some ATV’s have been down some of the woods roads and skiing in the ruts is possible…if you are not fussy.

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