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Trail use is currently the Non-snow Season. Trails on town land at the reservoir gate trailhead are accessible to humans and dogs!

The Tantramar Outdoor Club maintains 15 km of winter use ski trails and 10 km of snowshoe/walking trails in the rolling hills above Sackville.


The Crooked Tree and Ogden Brook Trails start at the Reservoir gate 0.5 km west of the Trans-Canada highway on Walker Road, with 5 km of snowshoe/walking trails on either side of Walker Road. The main ski trail also starts here. The Crooked Tree Trail is a ski trail during the snow season.

Taking a rest at the warming hut along the Crooked Tree Trail.


Skiing down a groomed trail on a delightful day!

The ski trails are a mix of easy and intermediate winter use trails, although trail difficulty depends so much on snow conditions. In fresh, cold snow when going is slow, they are mostly beginner trails, but when conditions are icy, they transform to expert level. Trails are track-set for classic skiing on a regular basis during the snow season. Thanks for not walking on any of the ski trails in the snow season. There is a second unsigned trailhead 3 km west of the Trans-Canada Highway on Walker Road, just past the power line.


All trails are two-way trails. Skiers heading downhill have the right of way. Step off to the right to yield and be wary on hills and at corners. Be extra cautious in winter and in inclement weather. There are areas of the trailsystem with no phone reception.
Use all trails at your own risk.

The trailhead at the Quarry Road trails begins with the Le Rond Trail loop.

Warming Huts

There are two warming huts – one on the Crooked Tree Trail, and one half way down the Birches on the Yellow Trail, as well as a lovely shelter at the foot of the Birches. You are welcome to use them. Covid restrictions are posted on the doors.

A snowy day at Sugar Brook Lodge, the warming hut on the Quarry Road trail system.

Trail Maps

Trail markers like this identify trails and correspond with the colour on the trail maps
Entire Ski Trail System
Quarry Road Ski Trails
Ogden Brook Snowshoe Trails
Reservoir Gate Snowshoe Trails

all files are PDF
usable during non-snow season (all trails at Crooked Tree Trail)
usable during snow season only



Dexter loves the Ogden Brook trails more then he can express!

Dogs are welcome all year round on the Ogden Brook Trails, and in the non-snow season, on the Crooked Tree Trails. Please pick up after your pet. Dogs must be on a leash or otherwise under control. Everyone loves their dog but not everyone loves dogs. Thanks for being considerate of other trail users.


Moonrise begins along Walker road.

To access the TOC trail system, take exit 500 off the Trans-Canada Highway onto Walker Road, and turn away from Beech Hill park.

You may park along Walker Road at the Reservoir gate or outside of the Quarry Road trails, (about 3 km from the Reservoir gate). Please park on the side of the road facing town as pictured.

Note on Privately Owned Land

Although the Crooked Tree Trail and Ogden Brook Loop trails are on Town land, the remainder of our trail system is on private properties whose owners generously permit skiing on these lands.