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9:46 am Saturday March 27, 2021


Yes, there maybe just enough snow for another kick at the can. As of yesterday there were a lot of bare areas and with the blowing going on at present coverage will remain minimal in open areas, which tended to be most bare. So don't take any really nice skis. The underlying snow seems more slushy than ice pellets, so if you go today you will likely be breaking through into rocks and gravel etc. However, once it freezes- later today or overnight, there will be a brief window, maybe, of skiing tomorrow morning. Or you can just continue wearing your "Mourning Black", get your bike out, and dream of real winter.... Cheers, Ross.

2:00 pm Wednesday March 24, 2021

Anyone Still Skiing?

Oh Yeah, it's not July yet! Still good coverage on most of Yellow, Blue as far as the Sunny Spot(after which there is excellent coverage, with spruce needles), and LeRond. Fast in the mornings, leisurely by mid day. But at these temps the days are numbered- well they are always numbered, just the numbers are much more finite. Cheers, Ross.

7:18 pm Sunday March 21, 2021

Prediction for Monday

Conditions were quite pleasant this afternoon- sunny, a bit sodden but not as slow as I anticipated- Glide about 5-6/10. There were jackrabbits everywhere shouting with glee-a big shout out toi Robin Walker for all her hard work, and of course all the coaches;, And there were an uncommon number of folk standing around chatting, including your slovenly scribe, watching the real skiers zoom by and working on their tans. One can expect more of the same tomorrow, once it is above zero for a few hours. The track is not great and can't be at these temps, but Bucky's carefully cultivated base is holding up nicely with still good coverage. This will gradually change through the week and bare spots will start to emerge so watch for them, but afternoon skiing still will be pretty sweet for most of the week. The Walker Road is getting pretty beat up so if the snow is nice and soft, leaving from the Reservoir gate may be a better option. Cheers, Ross.

12:50 pm Saturday March 20, 2021


Beautiful winter conditions at present with violet wax working well and glide 8.5 with softish pole track. Bucky groomed Yellow and Red yesterday and track is pretty good. Things will rapidly switch to spring in the next hour or two when you’re best to use waxless, skins or zero skis and will remain springlike all next week by the looks of things. By 4 degrees it will be getting pretty slow except maybe in shady areas.Ross.