Trail Conditions

Tricky Tuesday

Things are surprisingly good up the hill, if you like snow. The track created by folks skiing during Sundays snow persists but is shallow and in places soft so may create catching as the snow freezes, although if people keep skiing it as this occurs, that may work out the kinks. Glide at present is 2 or less due to water in the old snow and the 1 cm of flurries that have fallen this morning. Grip is good with skins, waxless will work, and even zero skis are still gripping but are slower. As temps drop to and below freezing, glide will speed up to a 3 out of 4, although if the flurries continue this will mollify things. If you are seeking a more sedate experience later this afternoon, there is fresh snow along the side of the Access Road and the ATV trail past the Power Line and there should be few if any machines on there today. Be cautious going to or from the Bench as you c