Trail Conditions

Tricky Tuesday

With fresh snow and temps heading above freezing early afternoon, there may be a period of stickiness, aka “Skiers Purgatory”. The best way to mitigate this is to be, like Cinderella, home from the Ball before it happens. You can try silicone based products(boot waterproofing spray can work) sprayed on the ski bases and allowed to dry before venturing out, and scraping the ice off your bases when they start to clump up(although a credit card can work, a stiff ski scraper is far more efficient), or just go home.But if it stays cloudy and below freezing it will be another day of heaven with slow (1-2 out of 4) glide, great grip, and the gentle muffling of extraneous noise that falling snow affords.
The Smith’s continue to be harvesting some wood and at times are felling trees ac