Trail Conditions

Tuesday’s Tale

Bucky plans to head out late morning to touch up the trails. He is hoping to take the “new” groomer so may be able to start doing some levelling of humps. This also will enable him to just flatten areas with poor coverage and the steeper hills, although the wind yesterday blew most of the new snow out of the conifers so coverage there should be improved, a little. Hopefully the moss skiing coming up out of Smith Camp will be ended. Glide should be about 2.5/4 as some of the new snow was falling near zero degrees(making it a little faster today, even though it is cold), and most anything will grip. And speaking of conifers, I should mention that I ran into Sean at the Invasive Species Conference sponsored by the TOC at Sugar Brook Lodge on the weekend. He, in his usual gentle manner, informed me that I was just a little off on my dates for the conifer invasion, and that in fact it was after the last ice age (during which there were no surviving conifers), a mere 15,000 years ago, and not several hundred million years ago during the Pangea era that these pesky organisms arrived. He also hinted that the term invasive might be a bit extreme and that perhaps I needed take off my tainted ski goggles and smell the forest. Happy Trails,