Trail Conditions


As many of you gaze out the window at the fresh snow, envisioning what it will like gliding through the forest, I am sure you may be feeling too unwell to even contemplate doing any kind of work. I will not, for a change, wade into the ethics of the moral dilemma you are facing, but leave you to wallow. Bucky did a great job renovating Blue yesterday, and I think only got stuck once. He plans to head out this morning by 10 and freshen everything up. Things should be pretty sweet, at least until early afternoon, when the Big Chill arrives and you’ll be anxious to get back inside, even if it involves work. With the new snow the glide will be a sluggish 1.5-2/4, especially if you get out before Bucky. Blue Extra should work well, as will skins and waxless skis. Enjoy,