Trail Conditions

What’s in a Name?

1. Bucky hopes to do some grooming today but will hopefully install several new teethon the grinder part of the groomer-I am sure by now most of you are well aware of what a generalist Bucky is, but Dental work? Who knew what an array of talents he is possesed with.This will clean up the tracks and hopefully if he is able to grind will improve things on the Blue side. Glide will likely remain in the 2.5/4 range, especially as temps warm and there is more liquid in the snow. The pole track should still have lots of soft snow fro braking and the ungroomed snow beyond that will remain slow. 2. Many of you have been enjoying the new section of trail from the clearing to the right of the cable up to the start of LeRond, but with that joy has come a clamoring for a proper name. The naming committee feels if we don’t act soon we will soon be facing a Babel of misnomers. Elections Canada has demanded that for a change the process needs to be democratic and opaque. Here are the rules. All name* suggestions should come to me within the next 6 days*. No names of human beings please- some natura;l feature, or mood evoked etc prefered. I will then distribute the nominations(no need for a seconder or thirder or any of that Roberts stuff, but only one nomination per person) for *voting early next week*. You will have a further 6 days to cast your vote which has to be by email due to the risk of electoral fraud with in person casting. The board cannot risk the storming of Das