Trail Conditions

Wide ranging

Today promises a nice array of conditions. For the next few hours the stunning conditions of the last few days will persist with glide around 2-2.5/4 in the conifers and a bit higher is the hardwoods. The track Bucky has crafted is sublime and early today even wax skis will grip. As temps warm conditions should slow once temps hit 3 degrees and the suction effect kicks in and if the sun comes out there will be really slow areas. You’ll note that I am actually implying the previously maligned conifers may have a useful role to keep snow soft and glide slower, and in fact the trail committee are looking at planting more along trails for this very purpose. We are seeking a variety that has branches only on the side away from the trails to allow snow to fall onto the track and minimize needle and cone debris in the track. Seed catalogues don’t seem to have such offerings so we are likely going to have to go the research/grant route. We will likely be asking some of our science colleagues to step into the lead on this. Given the great funding professor Campbell has been able to attain for looking at Photo Planked Ins, he might be our head grant writer. We’ll keep you posted.