Trail Conditions

Zippy, Zippy, No Grippy

Bucky will head out at noon to try to scratch out a track and create some ground up snow. Still lots of snow in the woods but there are starting to be bare spots in exposed areas(Quarry Rd, Power line) and sketchy coverage on some bridges so be cautious on descents. It will be quite fast with glide 3 to 3.5/4 even after grooming. If you go before grooming it may actually be a bit slower because yesterday’s big melt, besides eliminating any semblance of a track, created uneven conditions which will be very tricky and unpleasant to negotiate. And grip won’t be great, but will be better after grooming with waxless and skins working, some. You could put a 10-15 cm stretch of grip wax behind the skin or rough area on waxless to improve grip, but it will get rubbed off quickly. The Walker Road is getting pretty rutted in spots so getting to Quarry Road can be tricky- I would not try coming from King St, and once you get past the Access Rd coming from the Hiway it gets a better as the dump tracks haven’t been travelling this section.. See you this afternoon.